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Things That Annoy Neighbors


A heartfelt hello to our neighbors,

I must start this conversation with immense gratitude and appreciation to all our neighbors on Six Mile Lake.
To be surrounded by good neighbors gives each of us a sense of safety and security. Not only do we look after each other but we extend this to each other’s children, grandchildren, other family members and friends who visit us through-out the year.
In today’s world, you just can’t say enough about a community that looks out for each other. We are blessed.

From time to time, SMLA will receive comments and/or concerns from individuals about a variety of subjects that have annoyed them. We try to help where it is possible.
Sometimes all an individual can do is speak to their neighbor about their concerns and hope the neighbor will respect these concerns and change the concerning behavior.
Unfortunately, that is not always the outcome.
Nothing worse than a neighbor who irritates you, until you have no recourse but selling the home you have enjoyed for many years.
Or worse, a conflict with a neighbor that harbors ill will. We all want good relations with our neighbors.

SMLA decided we would put a list together of neighbor annoyances. We will start the list.
Here’s what I need you too do.

1- Tell us the things your neighbors do that annoy you. (This doesn’t only mean the one next to you, it could be across the lake from you or down the road).
2- If you wish to remain anonymous you can send it to me (Vicky) and I’ll put it on the SMLA website. I will respect your privacy. My email will be at the bottom of the website. No names will be given out. Or you can start a discussion if you prefer to give your name. We’re only going to print general behaviors. Please read the rules carefully and understand the consequences if you attack the neighbor and not the behavior.

No swearing or vulgarity allowed.
No names will be mentioned. This not about the person, we’ll only list the behavior.
Don’t be mean. Don’t make it personal. Remember, you hope to change the behavior, not annoy the neighbor. Now you’ll both be annoyed.

Here’s the annoyance list we have so far:

Feeding the wildlife, geese, ducks, swans, etc. Understand, when they come in your yard for food, they travel to your neighbors yard. They leave packages behind. Just what your neighbor wants to step in on their way to their dock. Not to mention large flocks will deposit waste in the neighbors swimming area. A couple of links


Barking dogs, this noise travels, even across the lake. Many an evening or weekend was ruined by the noise. Understand a barking dog should be a sign for the owner, the dog is stressed or unhappy. How about a dog the barks from the middle of the lake on a pontoon. We know its having fun, but its annoying to others.

Racing car motors. Again, this noise travels. Especially annoying, on weekends for 2-3 hours. The only people who consider this music to their ears are race car drivers.

Loud music, especially on a boat that pulls up close to your dock and parks for a while. What makes SML quaint is we only have two public beaches for swimming. Why don’t these folks pull up to a beach? Or your neighbor is working in their yard, wants the music loud enough to hear from 100 feet away. Now I have to listen to their selection and I’m not a Rap fan. Use your ear buds and your IPHONE.

Running your lawnmower and weed cutter when your neighbors are having dinner outside on the deck.

Burning trash or leaves, so the smoke and smell blows directly at the neighbors. Again, usually when you’re on the deck.

Fireworks after 10:00 pm. Really, we have to shut our windows, close up the house, the noise get the dogs barking. Now we have two annoyances.

Excessive fireworks. Please explain this to visitors. I understand people from the city are visiting and like to make noise, but every time they come to visit.

Bright lights that shine into you neighbors sleeping quarters. You can solve this with black out curtains or shades.

Pets that use the neighbors yard for a bathroom. Ok, I threw this one in, no one mentioned this problem.

Running a chain saw excessively, sometimes all day.

Ok, its a start. I can’t emphasize enough, that most people will have these discussions with their neighbors and not have to use other means. Most of us are reasonable and respect the concerns of each other. Most of us have experienced a time when one one discussions didn’t have the expected outcome.

Ok, on the website you will find each board members email address. Please email me, Vicky or the board member you feel the most comfortable with.

Again you can comment on any post.

Thank you neighbors and friends,
Vicky Saenz
[email protected]

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