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SMLA President’s Corner

Greetings SMLA members and neighbors,

It looks like Spring has finally sprung here…at least it feels like it this week. Just three days ago it was only 4 degrees. It’s been crazy on the lake weatherwise but I’m satisfied as we didn’t get any lengthy power outages or 12 inches of snow all at once. The lake level looks to be at just about where it should be for this time of year so, for now…all is well.

When you live here year round, it can be quite a shock when one day there’s just you and a dozen or so neighbors within a mile of each other and then suddenly, when the snowbirds and part-time residents and visitors return, we are all packed in like sardines again for the season. Here on Six Mile Lake, we are fortunate that we are a pretty friendly group and, for the most part, try to be courteous to each other and our neighbors. But, once in a while….there’s a chance one of our neighbors is doing something that he or she may not be know is bothering someone else. With everyone returning to the lake soon we thought we’d have a little fun asking everyone for suggestions on a blog ’50 Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor’. Vice-President Vicky Saenz will follow up with the ‘rules’ and Happy Spring everyone!!!

Cherie Hogan

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