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By becoming a member of The Six Mile LAKE Association, you are supporting our research, education, and advocacy efforts.  You also receive:

  •  Membership only areas of our website where you can connect and socialize with other members.
  •  An invitation to all meetings and events.
  •  Access to the latest information on such topics as land planning, native plants & wildlife, and water quality data.
  •  An opportunity to develop lasting friendships.

NOW is the time to join the efforts to preserve and protect  Six Mile Lake

Help Protect The Natural Beauty of Our Lake

  • Do you take  time to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or sunset over the lake?
  • Do you enjoy boating, fishing, or swimming in the clean waters?
  • Do you like sharing the environment with the Loons, herons, mink, turtles, and swans?
  • Bet you do!  So become a Six Mile Lake Association Member today to preserve and protect these pristine water resources for both present and future generations.

Six Mile Lake Association Annual Household Membership

$25.00 per Year.


Besides supporting the preservation of our lake and its natural surroundings and the family-friendly social events you're sure attend throughout the year, annual membership to the Six Mile Lake Association includes member only area site access. We will also bill your membership automatically each year so you'll be sure to continue to enjoy uninterrupted access.  You can cancel at any time.


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