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Six Mile Lake Flooding Alert!!!

Attention Members,

The Corp of Engineers study results presented last summer by now long gone dam operator,  Mark Stone, indicated that flooding on Six Mile Lake and St. Clair Lakes is due primarily to the restriction of the road culvert in Ellsworth that connects St. Clair and Ellsworth Lakes. New Dam operator, Leslie Meyer, says $28,000 in funds have been secured to study both the Bellaire and Elk Rapids dams but what about the culvert on Bridge Street in Ellsworth? Board members Linda VanAndel and Ross Maxwell attended a meeting with Leslie who said she was unaware of flooding problems on Six Mile Lake. So how did Leslie miss out on this vital information? So Linda is sending out a clarion call!!! Please send photos, videos and documentation of any flooding and shoreline damage immediately to:


Matt Ademak

Emergency Operations Director


I’m sure the Six Mile Lake Association will be discussing where we go from here. We may need to do a fundraiser to get the money to complete the study we will need to apply for grants to expand the culvert from a round tube to a box culvert in order to move water quicker and avoid the flood conditions we have been experiencing since 2008. Everything and nothing is on the table until the study is completed. In the meantime let’s ‘flood’  Matt with evidence. Our shoreline is in distress. We cannot afford to wait any longer.

Thank you,

Cherie Hogan
Six Mile Lake Association

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