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SMLA Spring 2023 News

Dear Members,

It’s another beautifully icy cold but sunshiny day here on Six Mile Lake which is still frozen solid. Looking at the pure white landscape, it’s hard to believe the loon platforms will be in sometime before May. It’s just amazing how quickly spring thaw comes. In a matter of days white turns, deep gray, then light blue and finally deep blue and green once the ice disappears and, just as suddenly, a rush of all kinds of waterfowl arrive….mallards, merganzers, swans, geese, and huge flights all headed further north. Just last week, we discovered a dead deer on our frontage so we set up a trail cam. Photos showed three coyotes, skunks, hawks, seagulls and six bald eagles eating the carcass. Surprisingly, the crows only showed up to take the fur for nest building. So onto some dates….

First, a reminder that Ladies of the Lake meets the first Tuesday of every month year round (weather permitting) at 10am at the Front Porch Restaurant in Ellsworth. Please come and bring a friend. See you April 4th!

Next is the SMLA meeting dates for 2023. They are:

Breakfast Brunch- Saturday, June 10, 9am Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church. Bring a dish to pass and invite a neighbor. The Association provides the coffee.

Annual SMLA Picnic- Saturday, August 12, 4:30pm. Bring a dish to pass, your own beverages, and a neighbor. The Association provides the hot dogs and brats and our world famous cooks do the grilling.

Chili & Dessert Competition/Supper- Saturday, October 7th, 4pm. Lots of fun, drawings, and a chance to win a free membership. Sign up to enter either contest, and, of course…Bring a neighbor!

There are no meetings in July or September. The Annual Christmas Party plans are in the works.

The Special Assessment or SAD hearings will be Wednesday, May 3rd at 6pm Southarm Twp and Thursday, May 4th at 7pm Echo Twp. This has been a formality in the past, which basically addresses the way the attorney wrote the original language when the SAD was instituted, but, it’s also your opportunity to show up and voice your opinion if you are so inclined.

On June 22nd there will be a workbee at the St. Clair Lake-Six Mile Lake Natural Area access site off the Ellsworth-East Jordan Rd. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer. It involves cleaning brush, raking, picking up trash and tidying up the area. And, believe it or not, it’s more fun than work!

Last, this is a reminder to send in your dues which are $25 a year. There’s also different membership levels listed on our sixmilelakeassociation.org website if you would like to contribute more. Contact me at 231.676.9969 if you want to volunteer for a committee. We always need help!

Thanks to all of you who make Six Mile Lake such a special place to live.

Until next time,

Cherie Hogan

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