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Treatment & Irrigation

June 12,2013

The lake  was treated today.  You will find a sign posted on your property, look on a tree.  The water can be used again tomorrow.  There is not restrictions for established turf, it says Note: Recommendation to limit ornamental irrigation for typically 2-14 days.  Contact PLM for further information.  I am not going to water my garden or flowers with lake water for a few days until the restriction are gone.  Check your posted sign to to sure .

June 13,2013

I just talked with Breanne of PLM, she told me they treated around the whole lake. She suggest that you not use the lake water to water flowers and vegetable for 14 days, as they put in a big treatment, established grass is fine to water. This is what your posted notice says


Yes , it is safe to swim in.

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