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Loons and swans harassed

Please be aware that we have had some serious harassing of the wildlife sitting on nests. Anyone found to be bothering the wild life will be caught and reported to the DNR.
The loons were bothered so much tha the the mother has been playing dead when anyone comes around. Keep your eyes open and report any disturbances. Document the date, time location, any witnesses & registration numbers of the jet-ski involved. Photos and videotapes of the incident are also helpful, especially if legal action becomes necessary. People who harass Common Loons are subject to penalties under the law.

We have a lake watch number you can call to the Amtrim sherriff that is in charge. Officer Dave Reck 231-533-3589, he will call you back within the next day and he will take your report and visit the offender if it is needed. I It is a probblem now call the radio control office 231-533-8627.

This behavior will not be tolerated by you or your guest.

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