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Echo Township Approves Special Assessment District (SAD)

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The South Arm Township regular monthly meeting will be Wednesday March 13 at 7pm at the Township Hall located on M-66 just outside of East Jordan. The proposed Six Mile Lake assessment will be on the agenda.

For those unable to attend the Echo Township meeting last Thursday the Board voted to proceed with the resolution to go forward with the special assessment district (SAD). We are now waiting for South Arm Township to also adopt the resolution. The Six Mile Lake Association will then enter into a contract with both Townships to provide the initial funding (in lieu of assessment dollars not yet collected) for mailings, notices and other expenses incurred  to proceed with the joint public hearings which are scheduled to take place at the Central Lake High School cafeteria on Monday April 22 at 7pm and Monday May 13 at 7pm.

The purpose of the first hearing is to hear objections to the SAD. Supervisor Derenzy stated that Echo Township has already received hundreds of letters in support of the SAD. This meeting will give those who are opposed an opportunity to speak, however, we who are for the SAD, should be ready to speak up if necessary.

Should you wish to speak you will need to sign up at the door to do so. Please have your property tax number with you.  Before speaking you will be asked your name, if you own property in the SAD, which Township you own property in, and clearly state whether you are for or against the SAD. You will have three minutes to speak. There will be no back and forth between the audience and the speaker.

Should both Townships feel that the SAD should go forward the second public hearing will be held to explain the various proceedings to the public as there will certainly be questions and clarification will be needed on some parcels of property within the SAD.

For everybody’s information 64% of property owners in Echo Township signed and returned their petitions which is a testimony to all the hard work done by the Milfoil Committee and other volunteers who helped with the phone calls.

I would also like to thank the Echo Township Board for allowing the proceedings to go forward regarding the SAD.

An update will be posted with more information after the March South Arm Township meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Cherie Hogan

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