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Cherie Hogan post /cottage care

I wanted to ask you if I could put in a plug for Kelly on the SMLA website. This past month’s power outage cost some members dearly as they did not make provisions for a disaster like we just had. In their defense we have not had a five day power outage for at least 20 years. However, it only takes one time to do extensive damage and Kelly is already getting calls from part-time lake residents who have some damage issues (one house is completely flooded). I would like members to know that, in response to this latest disaster Kelly is going to start up his cottage-watch business again. Years ago, when we first moved here, we had a business called ‘Lakeside Cottage Security’. It was a service that Kelly offered to periodically check people’s homes while they were away. He also did winterizing, dock installs, home openings, and minor handyman repair. When he became a builder he closed his cottage-watch business but still, to this day, has kept a few of those customers because he’s known them for so long. Duing this power outage, the people on the lake that were his customers had no worries about their places. He took care of them even though they had no way to reach him. You guys had Dave (thank God)!!!! But many others have no one and this past week our neighbor down the road returned to their power line being completely ripped out of their box and they had to stay at the Guest House until Great Lakes Energy could get it fixed and then they needed to contact an electrician to finish the job. How many folks are going to return to similar circumstances is anybody’s guess. I would like the residents of Six Mile Lake to know that there is a service being offered by Kelly, who is a person they can trust, so that they never have to worry again. Even though the phone lines and cable and electric were all out and we had no way to get out he still was able to take care of his customers places. If it’s ok I would like to post this on the website along with his phone numbers of 231-544-2781 or cell 231-620-3213 . I know there are others (outside of the Six Mile Lake area) who offer these services but in this circumstance they would not have been able to get onto Six Mile Lake Road as trees were down at both ends and the south end never got opened until 5 days AFTER the power went out. Kelly would have been able to snowmobile to anybody’s home in the area to take care of it. Please let me know. Thanks, Cherie

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