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Buying Cottage

Robert and Cindy Lagarde wrote:
July 3, 2012
We are interested in purchasing a piece of property on the lake that will
require a significant financial investment to make the needed improvements. One
of the most needed improvements is the shoreline and the buildings near the
shoreline. My husband and I took our boat and toured the lake.
We find that the greatest draw back is the weeds. We had to stop
the boat several times in order to remove weeds. We are hoping that this e-mail
will assist you in making people understand that the weeds are indeed detouring
people from purchasing property on 6 mile.
We realize that it is impossible to eliminate all weeds, however it would be
nice to be able to use the lake for tubing and other water sports without
stopping several times. We wish you much success in your efforts to pass the
tax assessment for milfoil removal.


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