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Comments By Resident Bill Bates

Comment By Bill Bates:

The use of safe chemicals is the only answer to control the problem. Stop wasting $$$ on the bugs…they “DO NOT” work. Incidentally, we attended a 4th party last evening with 15 other couples and nobody will support an uncontrolled tax to be spent by the committee as they choose.

Mr. Bates,

I would like you to know I am not a target for your continued comments or threats. I am a person kind enough to try to keep people informed on the lake. Any comments you may have please call one the the listed numbers or post on the web site. I do not have the mentality to under stand the nasty remarks or threat you have made. You seem to know everything but you have not called to talk or ask questions of anyone on the board or committe. Why don’t you get involved and stop talking about us on the lake and HELP.I don’t even know your face. I am posting this and your comment on the website. Do not contact me anymore. Make sure to sign your name to anything your send on line or in the mail.

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