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Cherie Hogan wrote:
As expected there are now signs around the lake both for and against the specialassessment that would raise necessary funds to combat the very aggressive and invasive eurasion milfoil. Briefly, members of the Association, for the past several years, have been working tirelessly to address this situation and place before the membership a reasonable solution to a problem that could, eventually, without intervention, close off our lake to most recreational sports and adversely affect our fishery. Anyone who has been out on the lake this year will now be able to see that the eurasion milfoil has exploded into the narrows and threatens to eventually choke out the waterway. In the areas where the bugs have been planted (with your monies) the milfoil is dying. The problem is we need a lot more money to continue the assault on the milfoil than what we have been able to raise through drawings and volunteer donations. Is your lake worth $16.67 a month??? That is what the assessment will cost each property owner per month or a total of $200 for the year. This assessment is per property owner NOT per lot. So…is your lake worth $16.67 per month? If you watched a recent episode of ‘Dirty Jobs’ they did a segment on eurasion milfoil. This plant is so invasive and the roots go down so deep it is impossible to dig out. You can’t cut it or it grows back with a vengeance. Any little pieces floating in the lake will re-root wherever they land. Aquacide (herbicide) will kill it, but it costs $100 per year and you have to use it every year and it only treats a small area. What about the rest of the lake? Nobody wants to see a special assessment but what is the alternative? Do we let the situation get so bad that we have no choice but to poison our lake which will cost us many thousands and thousands more? For you naysayers (and that is your right) at least educate yourself by going online and researching ‘eurasion milfoil’. You will see that this Association, and especially the volunteers on the milfoil committee, have done their due diligence and brought back to the membership the best information and recommendations for our lake because THEY LIVE HERE TOO. Then, if you are truly interested in learning what actions are planned for our lake contact any Board member and we will put you in touch with a milfoil committee member who can answer your questions. Better yet…attend a meeting. I am grateful to the committee for all of their hard work, many of them meeting several times a month and using their own money to cover expenses, in order to do what is right for all of us. Show your support by returning your signed form so the assessment can go forward and we can get this problem under control.

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