Baby Loons Born

Cherie Hogan wrote:
We’re Parents!!!!! Guess what??? Members of the Six Mile Lake Association…. we
are all proud parents of two baby loons born between June 20-21! The parents are
still close to the area of the north platform swimming with and feeding the
babies who regularly climb up on the backs and ride under the wings of the
parents. Please continue to stay back and try to go slow at night because the
babies, as they get older, will sleep on the water at night instead of on their
parents. Don’t panic, as we did, if you only see one baby or no babies as they
ride under their parents wings and it takes a while to spot them. Hopefully the
babies will survive the turtles and the eagles and boats and grow up and return
here someday. As this is our first nesting pair of loons and babies we don’t
know where they will travel to on the lake while they are raising the babies so
please keep your eyes peeled and tell your neighbors to do the same. We hope
this will be the first season of many where baby loons are born on Six Mile Lake
so please enjoy the show but please keep your distance.

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