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Weevil Planting

The team from Enroscience planted 12,000  weevils  in the lake Wed. June 16, 2010.   We found a large new patch of the eurasian milfoil on the west side of the lake north of Echo Park. This area and other planted areas are marked with an orange bouy.  Please stay away from these areas as they are areas of large infestation, will get on your boat and the weeds will be carried to other areas. More weevils were planted in two other large existing infestations.  We learned that we have had good results in the areas we planted last year.  Two areas are almost gone and the other two large areas greatly reduced. We hope that the weevil colonies planted last year and this year continue to multiply.   Please learn to site this weed as that is how we can be sure to get weevils planted in the correct areas.  Even with our appartant sucess we realize that this project will continue for at least three more years. Watch for the raffle and be sure to buy your tickets and send in your membership.  Thank you.

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