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Update on the Corp of Engineers Hydrology Study

Hello Members,

A big thank you to all our members and neighbors that attended the Hydrology Study presentation on Tuesday July 12. Six Mile Lake residents showed up in a big way like we always do. It was very interesting and you are getting my take on it. First of all, none of the data presented is conclusive. The Hydrology Study is a model only with the ability to add additional data from future research projects to it. For example, as our board member, Linda Vanandel pointed out, there has not been a sediment study done, which could either add to or change some of the existing data currently in the model. Right now, it appears that the Ellsworth culvert is the culprit slowing the flow of rainwater out of both St. Clair and Six Mile Lake. Changing the shape from a round storm drain to a broader, flatter shape could speed up the flow of water during rain events but it could also change the dynamics of water flowage down the rest of the Chain. This is just one example that was cited in the presentation. Much more data needs to be added and will be added to this study before any conclusions can be reached but suffice it to say that this is the first project of its kind to be undertaken by the Army Corp of Engineers. The Intermediate Lake Water Committee is looking for additional funding to add several critical studies to the data we already have. Six Mile Lake representatives to this committee are Linda Vanandel and Will Wottowa. Also, at the presentation Mark Stone, Drain Commissioner/Operator of Dams told the audience he was neither a hydrologist or engineer but had been asked by a couple of Antrim County employees to take the position 20 plus years ago. Mark is leaving at the end of this year/term. Hopefully, the commissioners will seek a replacement that is qualified and not use the buddy system to replace Mark. Again, thank you to all who attended the presentation, to all who have shown up to multiple commissioner meetings asking the county to take action in the wake of flooding that has been going on for over ten years (they did nothing), to Linda for gathering critical data for the study, to Will who encouraged the Six Mile Lake Association to get involved and take action and other members who contributed their time and efforts seeking a solution to this problem. Without the Association, Six Mile Lake residents would not have had as big a voice in this issue so I have just given you another reason to get out your checkbook and support the Association.

Another tidbit of news is that FEMA came through last year and has reassessed flood plane levels. This is not good news. It is going to affect everyone on the Upper Chain. There is a possibility homeowners will be required to purchase flood insurance. I don’t have any more information about this until the report comes out and will update you at that time.

The Annual Six Mile Lake Association picnic is Saturday, August 13 at Echo Township Park. It starts at 4:30. Bring a dish to pass, beverage and the Association will be providing the brats and dogs. There’s also the opportunity of winning prizes. But the best time is spent getting to know neighbors and members and it’s always a lot of laughs. Text me at 231.676.9969 because we always need volunteers or contact Linda Vanandel or Kathryn Bell. Just so you know, I have huge gardens and lots of free perennials to give away. Text me at the above number to set up a time to dig if you’re interested.

Last but not least…since 2012 through the efforts of members of the Six Mile Lake Association we have helped 21 loon chicks enter the world via two nesting platforms, one on the north and one on the south portions of the lake. Four chicks were born this year, two (lost one) on the north born about six weeks ago and two on the south born about ten days ago. So watch for them when you’re out on the lake please.

See you at the picnic!

Cherie Hogan

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