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Results of South Arm Township Meeting 10/10/2012

To Six Mile Lake Association Members and Property Owners:

Wednesday October 10, 2012, at 7:00 PM, South Arm Township held their monthly meeting at the South Arm Township Hall. The Six Mile Lake Board had requested and was included on the meeting agenda.

The meeting notes are as shown:

Approximately 40 people attended (most were residents or owners from Six Mile Lake)

The meeting was called to order by Robert Christiansen, Supervisor.

Dave Daniels represented Six Mile Lake and presented general information and facts to Board members that support our request to approve the special assessment required to provide adequate funding for the treatment of invasive aquatic weeds in Six Mile Lake.

-petition results
-time line required
-% of lake infested with Eurasian Water Milfoil
-65% approval rate from all lake front property owners
-email from our web site regarding property purchase decision a direct result due to Milfoil infestation
-Elk Rapids Township handling of excess funds from their assessment
-private owners taking risks by doing their own herbicide treatment individually

Dave Daniels introduced BreAnne Grabill, Environmental Scientist Northern Lake Manager from PLM Lake and Land Management Corp.

General discussion followed the presentation

Robert Christiansen referenced that David Grimm had been reviewing communicating with the Six Mile Lake Association Board members.

David Grimm South Arm Township Assessor stated that the Board needs to make a resolution to move forward with the assumption the board has the right to end the process at any time.

David Grimm also stated he was willing to assist in the assessment process and that he is currently working on two Lake Management Boards (Manistee Lake and one other)

Robert Christiansen questioned if PLM was registered with the state and BreAnne replied that they are and also are one of the largest LakeManagement companies in the USA.

PLM reported that if Six Mile Lake does not do treatment that the potential of Eurasian Water Milfoil taking over the lake is very high and that many of the lake’s natural aquatic plants would vanish.

General discussion was made regarding the number of public meetings that need to be held before the assessment is either passed or rejected (2 or 3).

Legal advice to both Echo and South Arm Township Boards is that they can reject the process at any time.

BreAnne Grabill stated that if the process moves forward the best and most efficient steps would be to combine the public hearings of both townships and that they be held at the same time to eliminate confusion.

The Board considered and approved the resolution to proceed with the assessment verification process through the Assessor David Grimm.

The Six Mile Lake Board thanked South Arm Township for approving the resolution.

Mr. Bill Derenzy Supervisor from Echo Township also attended the meeting to help him in the decision making process for he and his board members.

We still have much to do.


Six Mile Lake Association Board

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