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President’s Corner – June 2, 2015

Recently, PLM Lake Management sent out their annual letter to Six Mile Lake property owners about this year’s treatment schedule which will take place on Monday June 15. Along with that letter, I requested that PLM include a form letter giving PLM permission to treat ‘terrestrial’ or land invasives such as purple loosestrife along the shoreline on private property should the land-owner give their permission for PLM to do so. There has been some confusion which I hope to clear up here.

First of all, Six Mile Lake is the only lake in Antrim County with a Special Assessment District or SAD. That SAD was created specifically to fund the eradication of eurasion water milfoil but is not limited to that one invasive species. Therefore some of the monies can be used by PLM to treat other invasives that could become a problem in Six Mile Lake. In order to treat ‘land’ invasives, PLM, needs the property owner’s permission. This treatment would take place along the shoreline only. It is a perimeter treatment only. No one is going to be wandering up into your yard or around your house. Whether you sign the form granting PLM permission is strictly up to you. Unfortunately, invasives are fast becoming a way of life both in the Great Lakes and in our inland lakes and waterways. For a list of what we can expect in the years to come go to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council website and look up the list of aquatic invasive species.

We, here on Six Mile Lake, are fortunate that we have an active Association that took steps to educate property owners and then went to work to convince two townships to enact the SAD. Because of this we now have a pristine lake that we can enjoy. How do I know that it’s pristine? Because we have nesting loons. Will our lake stay this way? If it was up to you and me it would. But with the growing list of invasives heading our way primarily because our government refuses to enforce the ballast dumping laws, in my opinion, it’s just a matter of time before we’re faced with another disaster like eurasion water milfoil. What are the rest of the lakes on the Chain doing? Nothing. They can’t. They aren’t blessed with a dedicated group of people that make up an active Association like we are.

I hope this explains a little more clearly why the form letter was sent out with the notification of treatment dates by PLM. Time is money and if PLM can treat other invasives at the same time, it saves us money. If you have any other questions or concerns text me at 231-676-9969 and I will get back to you.

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