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Pesticide questions

Do you have a little more infomation at this time. I have a couple of questions:

What is the name of the herbicide?
When and how will the herbicide be applied?
What can we expect to see this summer (% improvements)?
Five year plan, % improvement?

We’re very pleased to hear of the plan going forward, only would like more information. There should be available data with the use of herbicides.
We won’t be there for the meeting this Sat. but will be at our cottage the following weekend.
Thank you for communicating to all of us. Very much appreciated.

Vicky Saenz

Vicky and Preston Saenz
Leisure Lane

We are very limited as to the herbicides that we may be able to use because of the many people on the the lake with shallow wells and close to the lake. We have some different estimates but until we have an assessment passed we can’t plan too much. We will have to get well forms documented.

We are looking for companies and there are a few that will work with us on the weevils. The limited sites that have been planted seem to be doing well.
You must realize that this lake has always been a weedy lake; I have been on this lake for over 50 years, it will never be a resort type lake. The zebra mussels have cleared the water to the extent that the natural weeds have grown a lot too.
People must realize once you put chemicals down the weeds come back the next year with a vengeance , the invasive’s are the worst. We are not planning on spraying all round the lake so everyone has a weed free beach, never been that way, never will. We hope to keep establishing the weevils colonies and to grow them bigger and bigger. The weevils will reproduce, the herbicide will only demand more.

Thank you for taking the time to get more educated on this issue. As you can see there is much more to it than just spraying the weeds and having a wonderful place to come to. We want to be good stewards to the lake and consider all aspects of the problem. So far we have found that not any one lake has found the magic answer. We keep studying and searching for ALL the information we can find and filter out all the outdated material and those that come from chemical and weevil companies. We talk to many many lake association an see what they have done. Right or wrong we are doing the best we can. You have to remember we are volunteers that have self educated ourselves because we love this lake.

This some of the herbicides and restriction. Go to the DNR site to learn more on permits.

he web site for the DEQ page is as follows. http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3313_3681_3710—,00.html. SOme of the cost associated with treatment of Milfoil

Systemic Herbicides.
Navigate (2,4-D) @ 100 lbs per acre = $365.00
Navigate has the well restrictions of 250ft or 75ft.

Renovate OTF – @ 120 lbs per acre (this product has the 120 days restriction on irrigation or lifted after residue results are below a certain ppb) $495.00 per acre

Sculpin G (2,4-D) applied @ 120 lbs acre – $325.00
Also has well restrictions

Reward (Contact Herbicide) Normally we don’t recommend using Reward because it doesn’t kill the plant completely and Milfoil comes back. Cost per acre @ 1 gallon $165.00 per acre

Permit fees are based on how many acres you treat.
1/2 to 5 acres is $200.00
5 – 20 acres is $400.00
21 – 100 acres is $800.00
Over 100 acres is $1,500.
These are annual fees due with the application.

Wells of less than 30 ft deep: Do not apply the pesticide within 250 ft of the well.

Wells more than 30 ft deep: do not apply the pesticide within 75ft. of well.

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