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Nathan Beem Memorial Nature Preserve Update 2021

The Nathan Beem Memorial Nature Preserve update

We wanted to share that we have had a cleanup of some trash that was left over the years at the property and a bat house was constructed.

We have had a local fundraiser for the last three years and have raised enough funds to have a small gravel pull off parking area for people to safely get off the road and hike on the preserve. The parking area will be installed sometime Spring 2022 off Miles Rd. We also have future plans to create a one mile walking loop for hikers. We have received numerous photos and notes from the Little Traverse Conservancy from people who have shared their hunting pictures or notes of thanks regarding conservation.

As we passed our sons three year anniversary we thought about how we were even able to accomplish the Preserve in that short amount of time and in our sadness. But it was so very important to us. Nathan would have loved this land as much as he loved Six Mile Lake. He truly spent countless hours fishing here.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating to the Preserve and continuing the enjoyment for years going forward.

If you have not gone over there, you should hike in to the line of pine trees and walk down through them. It is an incredible walk, quiet, wind blowing through the trees, and sun shining through them. It is my favorite part.

The Beem Family
Heather, Dan, Kristin and Ellie Beem

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