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Milfoil fund Raffle- Make some comments

Good news, all the raffle tickets have been sold except one.  The one that we saved will be raffled off at the Oct. 11 meeting  before the winnig ticket is drawn.  Be sure to come and get another chance to win the big prize.  This is sure to be a very exciting meeting.  We want to thank those that have bought tickets and those that have given donations above and beyond the ticket buying.  We are still going to need to keep raising moneys to meet our goal.  Please talk this problem of the milfoil up to you neighbors and help us get the word out.  The this is a problem that belongs to ALL of the proberty owners not just a few.  

I just realized that you don’t understand that you can make comments on this site and make it a converstion.  All you have to do is hit comment under the topic and type away or go to the comment section.  We will post it as soon as we can.   All the information is filed under the relating section on the right.  The comments that pop up first are the most recent thing posted.  It is not static.  Lets get some conversation going on the treatment of the milfoil.  We need your input.  DO YOU WANT TO HAVE HAVE THE WEEDS POISONED IN FRONT OF YOUR DOCK?   THIS SHOULD START SOME COMMENTS.  Do you want to have this put on your taxes?  LET’S WAIT AND SEE AND THEN HAVE A HARVESTER COME IN EVERY YEAR AND CUT THE WEEDS.  Does that stir you up?      PLEASE MAKE SOME COMMENTS.   Let’s talk.

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