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2022 Ladies of the Lake and more News

Dear Members,
Beginning this Tuesday November 1st at 10am the ladies of Six Mile Lake will once again be meeting monthly for breakfast at the Front Porch Restaurant in Ellsworth. Please note that the day has changed from Monday to Tuesday (the Front Porch is closed on Mondays) and the time is now 10am which gives us retirees an extra hour to sleep in! CoVid pretty much stopped many activities and this was one of them so I am happy to see this time with friends resume. For our newbies on the lake this is a good time to meet your neighbors, get acquainted, share adventures and make new friends. So, mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of the month at 10am at the Front Porch Restaurant. We meet year round, rain or shine.
The October Chili Supper was a riot! We had five winners that received a free one year membership. Steve Bell and Vicky Saenz tied for the best chili and Kathryn Bell, Michelle Kupovits and Gail Daniels tied for the best desserts. Plus there were drawings for the centerpieces on the tables. We had a great turnout with several new faces in the crowd. Thank you to Linda VanAndel and Kathryn Bell for all your work to make this a success!
Immediately after dinner the membership voted to approve the bylaw changes. We will now have a nine member board serving for three years each and three board members up for election every year. Your board is President Jeff Rogers, Vice-president Linda VanAndel, Secretary Kathryn Bell, Treasurer Paula Stephanic, board members Ross Maxwell, Cherie Hogan,  Gregg Valerio, Will Wottowa, and Ralph Corwin. Just so you know both Linda and Ross are working on gathering information about how to increase the flow of water from St. Clair/Six Mile Lake in order to mitigate the flooding issues we have experienced. The culvert in Ellsworth was identified in the Corp study as a choke point and possible replacement with a concrete box culvert would enable a much larger flow-through area that fits within the width of the channel. The existing culvert is thirteen foot wide by eight foot tall vs the box culvert which would be twenty four feet wide with a rise of eight feet. Stay tuned for updates on this project. As usual the SMLA will be stepping up and doing the initial groundwork to get the ball rolling on this important aspect of the $350,000 Chain-O-Lakes hydrology study.
Just a short update on the loons of Six Mile Lake: the north loons and their chick left on schedule in September. The south loon pair had their chicks very late and three weeks ago one of the parents was spotted with both chicks who are now almost full grown. Amazingly, both chicks were still here a few days ago but should be leaving soon for the coast of Florida to join their parents and the rest of the loon community if they haven’t already by the time you read this. This is the latest we have ever had loons on Six Mile Lake.
Last, I am working on the Christmas Party so stay tuned for information on that as soon as I have something final.
Until next time,
Cherie Hogan

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