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Chili Supper Reminder 2022

Hello Members and friends!!

Don’t miss the annual Chili Supper Cook-off this Saturday, October 8th at 5pm at Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church located at the south end of Six Mile Lake Rd.
For our new members this is how the chili cook-off works: members sign up to bring a pot of their favorite chili which is assigned a number. Everyone in attendance gets to taste all those delicious variations of chili and then vote by ballot and the winner gets a free one year membership. There is also a dessert competition which works the same way. The Kupovits families seem to have a lock on the winning categories so everyone needs to up their game!! To sign up contact Linda Vanandel at 544-6027 or Kathryn Bell at 544-1040 before they contact you!!
Seriously, I always look forward to this time of camaraderie and fun. These ladies and their committee work hard on decorating the tables with beautiful flower arrangements, pumpkins, or other surprises that usually we have a drawing for at the end of the evening so thank you in advance for putting on such a festive event! BTW…apple cider, coffee, and condiments are provided by the Association.

Also, there has been a couple of proposed changes to the bylaws we will be voting on shortly after the event and anyone wanting to pay dues there can give them to me. Plus, we have magnetic stick on calendars to give away to our members.

So we hope you can make it. We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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