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New Date for Loon Banding

This message is a new update to the loon banding.  The date has been changed. It is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 26th.
I  will send out a message before or on Friday to let everyone know that Saturday is a go for banding the loons.

They are having problems on other lakes securing boats, so this is pushing our date back.

Message from Cherie Hogan, VP of SMLA:

We are going to band the loons on Saturday, July 26th between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am.
The location is going to be on Nelson RD at Ross Maxwell’s place.

Directions to Ross Maxwell’s house:
Go north on Miles Rd.
Turn left or west on Nelson Rd.
After the curve on Nelson Rd, it would be the 7th driveway on the left.
Red cottage, red barn down by the water.
The address is 03695 Nelson.

This property is close to where the loons have stayed most of their time on the lake. If you would like to be part of this event please call me (Cherie Hogan) at 231/676-9969.

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