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Google Gave This Site A PageRank!

What does this mean?  Basically, Google has decided that this site is important enough to use its PageRank algorithm on.  The scale is from 0-10, based on how “important” Google thinks it is.  The scale is relative, so just because two sites have the same PageRank, does not mean that they are equally important.

What it means to us is that when people search Google for terms like “Six Mile Lake” we come up closer to the top of the list.  Which brings more awareness to the site, the lake, and the lake association.

Before this site got underway, if you searched for “Six Mile Lake” you would most definitely get our Ontario counterpart near the top.  Today, we are number 3, with number 2 being fishweb.com with the Upper Chain page!  The Six Mile Lake association for Ontario site is number 6.  They have a higher PageRank (they are PR2 while we’re only a PR1) but I assume we are considered more relevant for the term “Six Mile Lake” because we’re a .org and they’re a .net .

The more active this site is, the better off this association and the lake will be (from an awareness standpoint).  It was always difficult to find information on our lake through the internet.  We were always buried on some other page.  Now we’re near the top!  Get involved and post some comments!


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