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Being a Good Neighbor

May is here on Six Mile Lake and soon summer will be in full swing. The lake will be full of watercraft and the air will be full of the smells of summer…mowed grass and bbq cooking on the grill. The dead of winter gives way to the busyness of summer. Here are a few things you may want to be mindful of. Both Antrim and Charlevoix County have nuisance barking dog ordinances and dogs running at large ordinances. There are fines for both. Keep in mind that a barking dog is sometimes louder across the lake than right next door. Please consider your neighbors around the lake before allowing your dog to bark for hours on end.

At least a couple of times during the summer a big swath of weeds comes floating down the lake as big as my front yard which have obviously been hand-cut by someone and allowed to float out into the lake instead of being raked up and disposed of (or better yet…mulched) by the person doing the cutting. This past week it was a big swath of leaves that had been blown into the lake. Again, be mindful of your neighbors and others who use the lake. It is not your neighbor’s job to rake up your mess that rolls in on their property. Yes it’s true that some portions of the lake have weeds and that leaves and debris naturally drop into the lake all the time but please don’t create additional work for others just because you want a better swimming area.

It’s great that we can now ride our four-wheelers on the side of the road. However, you must wear a helmet. Ditto for snowmobiles. Not my rule..it’s the law.

At least a couple of times a year I see people sitting on the front of a pontoon boat with the gate open dangling their feet in the water as the pontoon is traveling down the lake. That is a big ticket from the Sheriff. Also, count your life preservers and make sure there’s enough for everyone on board. A booklet of boating rules can be picked up at any Secretary of State office.

As we all know sound carries on the water. Loud voices, loud music, jet skis circling for an hour 35 feet off your shore, the new roof going on at 6am when you are trying to sleep in on your only day off, the inconsiderate driver of a speed boat who almost capsizes your little fishing boat at 8pm at night, the roar of a chainsaw or wood-chipper just as you’re about to sit down to dinner with a group of friends. Let’s face it, lake living is great but we’re all packed in like sardines. Being a good neighbor, being considerate, treating others as you wish to be treated is the secret to making our lake and neighborhood the best place to live anywhere. Please take the time to get to know your neighbors around the lake. The Six Mile Lake Association is a good place to start. We have several events scheduled this year. We hope to see you at one of them!

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