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Be Aware – Thefts Around The Lake

Dear Members,

There have been several thefts around the lake in the past week mostly involving planters full of flowers, hanging baskets, shepherds hooks, solar lights, and various other decorations that are close to the road and out of view of the home . I am surmising that the thieves are operating after dark or know when you are not home and are not on foot. It’s happening on both sides of the lake so keep your eyes peeled for any vehicle driving particularly slow and making frequent stops or strangers loitering about your neighborhood that appear to be checking things out.

It only takes one thief to move into an area and that ruins it for everybody. You expect this type of activity in Flint not on Six Mile Lake. I would advise you to take your keys out of your boats, four-wheelers, golf carts, etc., lock your garages and pole barns, lock your house even when you’re only going to be gone a short time and let your neighbor know when you won’t be home. Meanwhile, keep a sharp eye out for your missing stuff….it’s probably not far away…and notify the sheriff if you see anything suspicious. If your neighbor lives downstate let them know what’s going on and take some extra time to be aware of what’s going on around you. The Central Lake thieves (they had thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment, TV’s, guns, computers, etc. in their pole barn and operated right on Rushton Rd just one road over from Six Mile Lake Rd) were caught by a watchful neighbor who spied them inside the home next to hers, which, ironically, they had robbed just a couple days before and were returning for the rest of the booty.

These small things which the thief (thieves) helped themselves to this past week could be a test run and they may return for bigger and better things so be vigilant. Believe it or not, most thieves don’t want to work too hard at their craft, and will look for an unlocked door or open window so they don’t make a lot of noise or, even better yet, an empty home, pole barn or absent homeowner. Be aware when leaving your home and look to see if you are being watched. You may consider an alarm service like ADT that costs a few hundred a year or install trail cams or another camera system yourself on your property. I wish I had a better plan of action but the SMLA hasn’t had to resort to neighborhood patrols yet…notice I said yet.

Should any of you receiving this email wish to activate the neighborhood watch we have around the lake just let me know. Also, in order to get notifications from the SMLA website please go to the website and sign up under Stay Up To Date By Email.

Have a safe July 4th holiday.

Until next time,


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