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Whatever happened to Bill’s Last Resort?

Don DeLaura wrote:

My wife and some friends just spent time this past weekend in a rental cottage on six mile lake.  We were trying to find another place on six mile that we stayed at around 25 years ago!  The name of the cottage was Bill’s Last Resort.

I remember it being on the East side of the Lake, and I thought it was on Miles Road, but not sure.  It might have been further south along the lake.  I do also remember it being north of the old camp that was on the lake.  We are just curious.  We love Six Mile Lake, and feel it is a jewel!  

Whatever happened to Bill’s Last Resort?  Still standing?  Likely new owners, and possibly new “terrain”, and new or remodeled building.  I also remember a pond that was on the property between the house and the lake.  It had an A frame with a loft, and a big deck with view to the lake.

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