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Voting results and more

Voting results: 260 ballots sent out 150 received back 3 were received late

option 1. Continue to use the method of implanting weevils in the Milfoil infested areas. 12
option 2. Retain a lake management company and let them decide the proper treatment of Milfoil and other invasive species. 45 1 late
option 3. Retain a lake management company to provide partial herbicide treatment and leave the existing weevil sites untouched. 25 1 late
option 4. Retain a lake management company and treat all Milfoil infested areas with herbicides regardless of weevil location. 68 1 late

The next step is to present the signed petitions to the two township boards. The boards have to proof them and have at least two public meetings to discuss the petitions. The rest is up to the boards. We strongly suggest that you attend the public meetings. You are urged to send in your signed petition if you have not done so.

If and when the petition is approved by the board the Lake Association will hire a lake management company to to do as the people have requested with this vote.

Election results Pres. Ken Shaner
Vice Pres. Cherie Hogan
Treasurer Carol Kupovits
director Shawn Hunt
director Jeff Rogers

Sept. 26 @10:00:–The Natural area work bee -bring clippers and rakes.

Oct. 13- Annual Chili Supper- volunteers needed to make chili and all are to bring deserts or cornbread

Dec. 27 Annual Christmas party @ the Mallard call Cherie Hogan for reservations 231-544-2781

Golf league- The Farm golf course is inviting any man that want to play golf on Thursday mornings next year to join them. Call Dick Webber 231-544-6168

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