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Update to Flood Conditions

The lake level on Six Mile Lake is finally on it’s way back down. It is now only three inches or so over the deck we have on the water which means it is still a foot or two above ‘normal’ levels. We still have a long way to go and a slow trip around the lake yesterday, when we were putting in the loon platforms, showed us many areas where docks and other debris had floated in to shore or, in the case of someone’s paddleboat by the power lines, half-submerged in shallow water.

For everyone’s information, the lake finally thawed on Sunday April 27. I can’t remember ice being on the lake that late in the 30 years I’ve lived here. The road by the bridge in Ellsworth still needs some work but is open. The corner of Old State Rd and M-66 is open but will need to be repaired. Believe it or not, there are still large patches of snow in many places. I am thankful for the long, slow thaw or many more places on Six Mile Lake would have been flooded including my own. I will continue to follow up with Echo Township on flood insurance because I truly believe we are in for some heavy rains and storms. I am grateful that the Natural Area waterway between Six Mile and St. Clair has been preserved and remains non-developed as this wetland absorbed and held many hundreds of thousands of gallons of run-off from the hills and tributaries around our region and prevented flooding, I’m sure, on a massive scale.

Unfortunately, as the water continues to recede, many of us will find damage to our shorelines which will only be exacerbated by boats that throw huge wakes racing up and down the lake. I would encourage everyone that goes out on the lake to be aware of the wake your boat is throwing and to keep it slow until the levels go down. Of course, we have no control over who puts in at either public access and what they do on the lake but hopefully, if we get the word out a little bit, it will make a difference.

For everyone’s information, Gene Dawson, will be the guest speaker at the June 14th breakfast meeting. He is retiring from the Antrim County Board of Commissioners and I’m sure will have a lot to say about the flooding, lake levels, and road conditions. Hope we will see you there!

Submitted by Cherie Hogan, V.Pres.

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