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Spring Note from the President 2020

April, 1, 2020

Fellow Members,
Current conditions make planning anything in the short term difficult. Suzanne and I are in Arizona and had planned to head back on the 23rd of this month and that is still the plan although it all hinges on events out of everyone’s control. As this nasty virus progresses through country there are many unknowns. I have lived through a few starting with Flu in late 60’s, we have seen swine flu, Hong Kong flu, MERS and SARS. This is the first one seems to infect folks exponentially. In Arizona our county composing the whole SE corner of the state is a moderate sized county in AZ at 6200 sq. miles. There are only 120,000 folks in the county, and we live where half of the them live. We had one case for long time, someone who traveled domestically but then we had two cases the second unrelated to the first and now we have four. This nothing like SE Michigan where most of the cases are in Michigan. I looked yesterday and Antrim has 2 cases, Charlevoix had 4 and Emmet had 4. Otsego for some reason had more. I think this thing has started peaking but the peaking is going to uneven around the country. For those of us who need to travel our ability to do it as planned will be determined by conditions along the routes we have to take. For all of you please be careful and take care, as we move forward, we will inform of you any change in plans. I am not inclined to change anything the right now as I think we will know a lot more in couple of weeks. Just be aware we may have to move the first general meeting.

Take care and be careful,

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