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Special Assessment District (SAD) Hearings

Attention Members,

The dates for the Special Assessment District or SAD hearings are Wednesday, May 4th at 5pm for Southarm Twp property owners and will take place at the Southarm Twp hall on M-66 in East Jordan and for Echo Twp property owners Thursday, May 5th at 7pm at the Echo Twp hall on the south end of Six Mile Lake Rd. These yearly hearings are mandatory in the original language adopted by both townships and give property owners who pay for the SAD on their property tax bill the opportunity to learn first hand about how the SAD works. So, please try to attend.

Also, Six Mile Lake finally saw the last of the ice yesterday! It was a long, slow process with ice flows traveling up and down the lake and FINALLY disappearing for good. Last week the first loons appeared on the north end and the Faas report that at least one of them is banded. Terri Flynn also saw one loon on the south end in open water last Wednesday and just a couple days ago another loon arrived and so our south pair has also returned. We will be watching for bands to see if they are our resident loons on both ends. Loon platforms will not go in for awhile so don’t worry. Every year we get calls to get them in but we wait until they have had their fun and we know for sure they will be up on the platforms so we don’t have to pull them should the geese try to utilize them first. Last year, we didn’t even have to guess at where to place them as both pairs were waiting for us in their respective locations and were up on them immediately. It was a sight to see!!

Flooding has been a problem for the past twelve years at least. Part of the report coming from the USACE is that the culvert in Ellsworth is restricting the flow of water out of St. Clair and Six Mile Lake. A two page report will be given by dam operator, Mark Stone, at the commissioners meeting Thursday. I will keep you posted.

Don’t forget to pay your dues!

See you soon,


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