Six Mile Lake Update – March 2019

Greetings Members,

This is just a brief update to let you know what is going on here on Six Mile Lake. We had record snows this past winter. If I posted pictures it would scare you. Suffice it to say that, so far, we have had a very slow thaw. I hope that it continues this way. We are nearing the end of March and there’s still thick ice covering almost all of Six Mile Lake. It looks like January not ‘almost’ April. I am not hoping, AT ALL, for spring showers. More precipitation we do not need. If you spent your winter elsewhere and are thinking about wandering back early, most likely, you won’t be able to get down your driveway if it hasn’t been plowed. Maybe by next week the weather will break but slowly..hopefully, very slowly.

Some members are being harassed by me about addresses so let me explain. The SMLA sends out a postcard every Spring with our scheduled events for the year. If I don’t have your address you won’t get a card. I pretty much know who is away for the winter but it’s the Six Mile Lake Road addresses we have the most trouble with. Six Mile Lake Road is divided between two counties…Charlevoix and Antrim. I am in Antrim County with an East Jordan zip code 49727. My address is 5480 Six Mile Lake Rd, East Jordan, MI 49727 but there is also ANOTHER 5480 Six Mile Lake Rd and it is about a mile north of me in Charlevoix County Ellsworth zip code 49729. How about that coincidence? Want me to confuse you more? The village of East Jordan is in Charlevoix County at least ten miles away from my home. My phone number is a Central Lake number 544-2781, my taxes go to Central Lake schools, I am an Antrim County resident and vote for Central Lake school board and am an elected delegate in Echo Township, Antrim County and sit on the Echo Township Board of Review. My old address was Rt 1, Box 400, Central Lake, MI 49622 before the powers that be changed it to an East Jordan mailing address but stick with me on this. In an effort to remedy the problem, somebody stuck a zero on the front of the addresses in Charlevoix County with the Ellsworth zip code 49729 so my sister address now reads 05480 Six Mile Lake Rd, Ellsworth MI 49729 and then someone else had the idea to change the word ‘Six’ to the number ‘6’ in Antrim County with the East Jordan zip code 49727. Sooooo… my address is supposed to be 5480 6 Mile Lake Rd, East Jordan, MI 49727, which has it’s own set of problems in that the 6 keeps getting lumped in with the other four numbers and I will get mail addressed to 54806 Mile Lake Rd. And guess what???? We have a Miles Rd, but it is on the east side of Six Mile Lake. Not only that but Miles Rd starts out as Miles Rd just outside of Ellsworth and then somewhere down toward the south end turns into Dingman School Rd and then further south and around the end of Six Mile Lake turns into Dingman Bridge Rd. So, now you know the reason I keep asking for SPECIFIC summer addresses. To simplify, if you have a place on Six Mile Lake Rd and send your taxes to South Arm Township you are in Ellsworth zip code 49729. If your taxes are sent to Echo Twp, you are in East Jordan zip code 49727. And don’t get me started on the landline phone numbers or you’ll really get confused as that’s a whole big mess unto itself!!!

As for automatic dues payment, you can sign up through PayPal through the website. The SMLA dues go from August to August. If you are paying your August 2018 dues now and want it to be recurring it will show you as paying for 2019. In reality you are paying from August 2018- August 2019, so please know that. We tried changing dues payment to January years ago, but 80 per cent of our members pay around August so we decided to leave it that way.

I hope every one of you have had a good winter and I look forward to seeing you soon. For the ladies that are here remember that Ladies of the Lake meets the first Monday of the month at the Front Porch in Ellsworth at 9am year round.

Cherie Hogan,

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