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Six Mile Lake Association Update – March 2022


I am writing this newsletter to you from the frozen tundra of Six Mile Lake. I hope everyone has had a good winter which is hanging on with a vengeance here. Last year we already had our boat and shore station in. What a difference a year makes!

Because it’s been a few months since I last posted, this should bring everyone up to date with what’s happening here. So, first things first: membership is down primarily for two reasons, covid being number one, and number two former members leaving the area and new home owners taking their place. We’ve also seen several new homes built on the lake. Because of covid, our members were uncomfortable approaching new neighbors and also, with the exception of the picnic, attendance at our spring and fall meetings were down. We are hoping, with the lessening of pandemic events that life can return to somewhat normal. So…please plan on attending this year’s meetings, getting involved, and volunteering. The first meeting is Saturday, June 11th at Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church at the south end of Six Mile Lake Rd. It’s a breakfast brunch meeting and starts at 9am. Please bring a dish to pass and your own table service. Coffee will be provided. This is really a great time to be with friends and new neighbors from around the lake. If you haven’t paid your $25 dues you can pay it there or send a check for $25 to SMLA, Box 421, Central Lake 49622.

Next up is the SAD hearing to renew treatment of invasives on Six Mile Lake. There is usually two public hearings the first week in May. One hearing is at the Southarm Township Hall on M-66 just outside of East Jordan heading towards Charlevoix. The other hearing is at Echo Township Hall at the south end of Six Mile Lake Rd. The dates have not been set yet but will be published on the Six Mile Lake Association website when they become available. Members on the south end east side of the lake need to bring photos to show the Echo Township board.

Since 2010 excessive rains and high water events has steadily worsened to the point that many residents are installing hardscapes along their frontage in an attempt to stop it from eroding and falling into the lake. This is happening all along the Chain but the smaller lakes like Six Mile Lake are unable to empty the millions of gallons of water efficiently due to chokepoints all along the Chain in the small channels that connect each lake to the next. The Army Corp of Engineers did a study of the Chain and the results were forthcoming last fall but it never happened. Now the report is due out this Spring but no one has seen it yet. Your Six Mile Lake Board has been involved in this issue for over three years. In fact we have a member who has suggested lowering the spillway at the dam in Bellaire to increase water flow and clear out some of the sediment in the chokepoints along the Chain. Is anybody listening? In the meantime you can help by knowing how to trim the motor on your boat so as to minimize the wake coming into shore. We now have boats on this lake that are capable of doing extensive shoreline damage. And Michigan law says you can be held liable for damage to your neighbors shoreline. Last year we had a wake boat on this lake throwing waves big enough to travel four feet over my frontage and up into my lawn. I was polite when I showed the owner’s of that boat, which was specially designed to throw huge ocean like waves so they could use state of the art wakeboards to jump those waves, what their pleasure at every property owners expense might cost them. So please…understand that every square inch of shoreline here is compromised right now, and especially so during excessive rains, and try to be mindful of how you can help by operating your watercraft in a responsible manner.

Now to the roads. About 4 miles of Six Mile Lake Rd from the Charlevoix County line north is a deathtrap. It’s not just bad, it’s dangerous. Want to help? Time to call the Charlevoix County Road Commission at 231.582.7330. Call now and call often. I have never seen such downright neglect for human life in my life. That portion of Six Mile Lake Rd looks like it’s been bombed at several places from the curve just north of my place almost to Ellsworth. What is the manager of the Charlevoix County Road Commission thinking? Call him and ask.

That’s all for now from your secretary. I’m looking forward to warm weather and seeing all of you again. If you need a membership form or would like to volunteer for anything we would love to have you. Right now someone to update the kiosk at Echo Twp Park would be greatly appreciated and we also need someone to be membership chair. My cell phone is 231.676.9969. Text only please as it may be a few weeks before I get your voice message, if ever. We still live in the boonies you know!

Until Spring springs,

Cherie Hogan

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