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EnviroScience’s Late Summer 2011 Follow-up Survey

This is from an email dated September 13, 2011 to Dave Daniels from the President of EnviroScience

Hi Dave:

Thanks for taking the time to call the other day. I enjoyed our discussion and learning a bit more about the situation in Six Mile Lake. I was sorry to hear that its generally been a bad year for milfoil. If it is any consolation, we’ve heard that from communities all over Michigan.

You requested that I review the information from our recent survey and let you know my thoughts and recommendations. Coincidentally, when you called, Sarah Lomske of my staff was working on a summary report for you. You will get a more detailed report later this fall, but the attached PDF document provides an overview of our findings.

Overall, it appears that the weevils are making a significant difference in milfoil density in the areas where we stocked them. They are clearly surviving and reproducing in large numbers each summer. Unfortunately, they’ve been slower than we would like to spread around and take control in other areas of the lake. You mentioned that you are thinking about applying herbicides in the north end of the lake. Although the herbicide isn’t directly toxic to the weevils, it destroys their food source. For this reason, it will be a set back to the population throughout the lake. Having said that, I understand that there may be a need for faster control in some of those areas.

Overall, my best recommendation would be to see how the weevils are doing in other areas of the lake early next summer, and if possible, plan to do additional stocking to build on the progress we are seeing in the vicinity of the stocking areas. The numbers we obtained during our most recent survey indicates that the weevil population may close to a point where it starts accelerating rapidly and finally providing the type of control you want to see. Anything you can do to add additional weevils over the next few years should help greatly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Rebecca or I will follow up in the near future to see if you would like a proposal for additional stocking.

Thanks for allowing us to perform this work for you and the association.

Best regards,

Martin A. Hilovsky

EnviroScience, Inc.

Six Mile Lake Summary Report From EnviroScience

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