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Saying goodbye

Dear neighbors

This is Sally Dieck thanking you for your kind attention to what I happen to chat about for the last few years (since we have had a e-mail presence).I am stepping down as your corespondent and Paula Stephonic  will be you point person.  I haven’t been on the board for a few years and I don’t always know what is going on with the assassination.  You will learn to really like Paula she is very personable and is very computer savvy. I know she and Derrick will make this even more usable and informative.
We aren’t going anywhere you will always be able to find me on the lake on our old 1978 classic double decker pontoon NO MORE MONDAYS, via my email [email protected]. or my funny little two seater boat that you see me skimming across the waters in. I have loved the comments you have made over the years. I think maybe the one I liked the best was .”Sally you made this a neighborhood”.  It is one because you care and have became a part of it. When you see us on the lake wave or  come over to say hi.  We have a number of new people on the lake I don’t know and would like to get acquainted, So many of you have new pontoons and I no longer can tell them apart so many darker ones.  We’ll have to get names on them or something.
The picnic this year was well attended and we had a number of new people attend . It is nice to get to know you.
I love this lake and want what is best for the waters and wildlife you will always find me advocating for it’s good. I have been spending time here since 1956, spent my childhood summers here paddling these waters in a little red row boat.
We fought hard to get the special assessment to take care of the lake. It is your turn to be a great steward of the waters, always think of that when developing your shoreline and using the water.   You will still know I am around.
Thank you again..
Sally Dieck

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