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Response to Zeke

Thank you for your concerns and your continued interest. The board is working very hard to get this matter taken care of. A letter will be going out to all the property owners very shortly concerning what the board has been up to. Yes, we have reached our goal to fund the weevil plant for the summer. Yes, we do agree that we can not expect any of us to take on the burden with others not sharing in the cost. We are having meetings with the township and country officials, they are very interested in what we have been doing and we are approaching them for help with everyone sharing. The wheels are very slow to turn dealing with multiple arms of the gov. There is much that is going on in the background all the time that you are not aware of . We work on this all the time. Be assured we are really trying to be good stewards of our lake.  Sally Dieck Milfoil committee.

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