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President’s Corner

It looks like we may finally be getting our ‘summer’. The July 4th week-end was extremely busy for Six Mile Lake with lots of watercraft and fireworks activity. It looks like we, our pets and the wildlife all survived!!!

For those of you that couldn’t attend the general meeting Saturday July 11 you missed out on a great presentation given by Wendy Dawson from the local ambulance service. She demonstrated the new method of giving CPR called ‘continuous chest compression CPR”. It’s quite different from the training I received several years ago. She said should you find a person unconscious, unresponsive, and a dusky gray color…first call 911…then lay the person on a hard surface and begin compressions using both hands on the sternum at 130 compressions per minute for as long as you can if you are alone or trade off with another person at two minute intervals if you have help. Don’t stop until the person starts moving or the 911 team arrives. Of course, this is just a brief synopsis of what to do. I found a two minute youtube video titled ‘New CPR Guidelines For Adults Must Watch’ that is a great demonstration of what we learned from Wendy on Saturday. Please take time to watch it.

Saturday, August 8th at 5pm at Echo Township Park is the date of the annual SMLA picnic. It is a great time of fellowship and fun for everyone. Vicky Saenz and Carol Kupovits are co-chairing this event. Ken Shaner is picking up the corn on the cob and roasting it and Craig Schmidt, Preston Saenz, and some other lucky fellows will be manning the grill full of kielbasa and hot dogs. Please bring a dish to pass and your own table service. If you want to participate in the ‘white elephant’ gift exchange then bring something nice that you no longer need in a plain bag marked ‘guy or girl or kid’ and put it on the gift table. We’ll hand out tickets to the participants and then, when your number is called, you get to go up to the table and choose a gift. And of course…there will be another drawing as well. It’s great fun for the whole family and you’ll be home by 7:30.

I would like to thank Bill & Tina Bates for chairing the M-66 Road Clean-up on July 9th and their team of volunteers, Ken Shaner, Bob Pelong, Peggy & Craig Schmidt, and Joe Nerone. Fifteen bags of trash were collected.
Thank you, Raia Black, for taking care of the SMLA calenders again this year.
Thanks to Fred Hunt for painting and re-installing the sign at the dock in the Natural Area.
Thank you to Sally Diecks for putting together all the info for the packets and organizing the volunteers for the membership drive again this year.

Also, thank you to Vicky Saenz and Kathy Batka for attending (with me) the ‘invasive species’ workshop in Petoskey hosted by Lake & Streams and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. We, as a group of lake-front property owners trying to safeguard Six Mile Lake, will be faced with an endless barrage of ‘invasives’ in the years to come as a result of the State’s inability to control ballast dumping in the Great Lakes and the fact that Sault Ste. Marie will become a ‘deep water’ port. We are going to be faced with some very unpleasant decisions about what to do and how to proceed. Because, we were so pro-active on the eurasion milfoil issue, Six Mile Lake is recognized as a leader in this area. Armed with the information provided at the workshop, our Board has decided to appoint Jeff Rogers to look into this matter for us. I will write a much more detailed account in the future of what we are looking to accomplish as well as information on the list of the so-called ‘dirty dozen’ of invasive species. Meanwhile, you can go to Tip of the Mitt’s website for more information about this list.

Upcoming events are:

1) ‘Lunch at Lavender Hill’- Wednesday, July 15
2) ‘Golf Outing’- Saturday July 18, Antrim Dells…if you can’t golf there will be lunch
afterward so try to make it for that. Linda has some surprises for the golfers and I’m sure there are going to be some hilarious stories told.
3) Concealed Weapons Training- Wednesday July 29 Central Lake (other dates to be determined) text 231-676-9969 for more info.
4) Annual Picnic- Saturday, August 8th- 5pm

Loon Banding will be sometime during the first two weeks of August. Please donate to this worthwhile cause and, if you can, come to the banding.

Please know that all of us…TOGETHER…will continue to make Six Mile Lake the best place to live anywhere!!!

Until next time,

Cherie Hogan

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