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President’s Corner July 31, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, August 8th at 4:30pm at Echo Township Park and plan on attending the Annual Six Mile Lake Association Picnic! We do this every year and it takes a couple of hours (at most) to eat (Six Mile Lake has some of the best cooks in the world), to fellowship and share news from around the lake with each other and to, perhaps, take home something neat from the White Elephant gift exchange. There’s also an opportunity to win the 50/50 drawing.

This year’s co-chairs are Vicky Saenz and Carol Kupovits. The cooks ‘manning’ the grill are Ken Shaner, Preston Saenz, and Terry Kupovits….all good guys but two of them (you decide which ones) are married to the above co-chairs! There will be grilled brats and Koegel hot dogs and sweet corn provided by the Association. Bring a dish to pass, beverage, and table service. If you want to participate in the White Elephant exchange simply bring something nice in a brown paper bag marked ‘adult his, hers, either, or kid boy, kid girl….well you get what I mean. Tickets will be given to each participant and drawing determines who gets to pick first. It’s lots of fun but most of all it’s a time to spend with each other!

These events just don’t happen by themselves. It takes lots of work, planning and preparation by our members for our members. There will be members who show up early to set up for the picnic and members who stay late after to clean up. The food will be picked up the night before and Carol will be doing some prep work before it hits the grill. Ken will be picking up the corn, soaking it and getting it ready to roast. Then the cooks will show up an hour before the picnic starts and get the grill ready. All we ask is that you all show up and enjoy!!! If you have family or guests visiting…bring them along! The more the merrier!!!!

We will have a very brief meeting after we eat. At this time we will entertain motions from anyone wishing to run for office. We have four positions up for election, all two-year terms…secretary, treasurer, and two board positions. If you are interested in running please contact Carol, Vicky or myself. If you are interested in heading up a committee please let us know that, too.

I hope to see all of you on Saturday, August 8th!!!

Until next time,

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