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Presidents Corner- Hail damage read please-Membership dues

Hello Members,
The June breakfast was a wonderful way to catch up on all the news since our last get together at the Christmas Party in December. The food, as usual, was excellent, the fellowship and camaraderie more so. Whoever made the egg dish with the sweet spice in it PLEASE give me the recipe! Stacey Ruggerillo suggested we might want to include a recipe section on our website in the future because we do have some wonderful cooks in our membership. Great idea!!
FYI, PLM was out treating the lake this past week. I hope everyone thinks the special assessment district  (SAD) was the best solution to the milfoil problem. What a difference to Six Mile Lake!
Announcement :
Two new loon chicks were hatched off the south platform lastweek and are doing well. Expect chicks from the north platform in another week or so. Keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of weeks because loon chicks cannot dive for about three weeks in order to avoid speeding boats and jet skis.
I am planning a perennial plant giveaway this Saturday from 10am to noon. Please prepare your gardens ahead of time so you can plug the plants in as soon as you get home. It’s a lot easier on you, believe me, because you will be leaving with a lot of plants. I have ground covers, ferns, black eyed susans, perennial geraniums, spiderwort, too many plants to list. This is important; serious gardners only. Bring large containers and buckets and plastic Walmart bags as well as your own shovels. In other words come prepared!
Last but not least, in July 2016 Six Mile Lake and some of the surrounding areas were badly damaged by hail storms. Many of you suffered extensive damage to your homes and may not be aware of it. For example, my window ledge trim has hundreds of pits in it that I couldn’t see until the adjuster showed me what angle to look from. This person is an independent adjuster who will work with you to help you work with the adjuster from your own insurance company. Claims can filed until July 7th 2017 only so if you are interested in getting his name and number contact Sally Dieck 231-536-3206 or you can text me at 231.676.9969. It won’t hurt to at least have him take a look. My neighbor sustained $10,000 in damages. Hope this information is helpful!!
Until next time,
Cherie Hogan
P.S. Nobody thinks much about the damage a hail storm can do to our trees and shrubs. In the past few years our trees have endured sub-freezing temps, flooding and excessive rains, high winds, and two hail storms from last year. Plus the emerald ash borer has destroyed our ash trees and now we are losing our giant beech trees. I wish I could offer some advice as to a solution but at least you know what’s been happening to our trees.
Better news….as I sit here writing this a giant turtle, is laying eggs in my yard and the loons are calling! What a place we live in!!! Please be mindful of the wildlife crossing the roads. This is turtle rescue time! If you see one struggling to cross the road, stop, pick it up and set it off the road in the direction it was going. Also, watch for baby fox and coons, deer, timberdoodles, turkeys, baby ducks, etc…and happy summer to you all!
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