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President’s Corner
Hello Members,
It’s been an interesting autumn. So far, my flowers are still blooming even though the trees, in their season, are still dropping their leaves. I’m happy because it really hasn’t been that cold and we just fired up the Hearthstone wood stove a few days ago. Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet on the lake. The northern orioles, hummingbirds and loons left right on schedule. The snowbirds are drifting south one by one. It’s sad to see our neighbors going, going, gone. We love the snow, but we know what awaits us….shoveling, plowing, shoveling some more, hauling wood, more shoveling, freezing cold, roof shoveling, blizzard conditions, ok…. ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, chestnuts roasting on an open fire…I had to throw something less labor intensive in there! I comfort myself with the thought that retirement is coming in a few years for me and I will be one of those snowbirds bugging out but for now we just prepare for the onslaught of snow that we know is coming, and I freely admit, that I am jealous of all of you that are headed to warmer climes. However, we do have a few things to look forward to…hunting season, Thanksgiving, the Christmas season….and the annual Six Mile Lake Association Christmas Party. On that note, mark your calendars for Saturday, December 10that the Blue Pelican in Central Lake. Cocktails and social hour begins at 5pm and dinner is at 7pm. I’ll have more information about this event coming soon but it’s a wonderful time at the most wonderful time of the year so you won’t want to miss it.
The Chili Supper, held this past October, was another very nice event and marks the end of the summer season. Raia Black and her crew of volunteers made the event a festive one with the decorations and the chili and dessert contests which netted the winners a free membership for a year. Carol Kupovits won with her Mexican chili recipe and Raia won with her Kalua surprise dessert. Of course, we had to give everyone a breathalyzer test and assign drivers to escort certain members home but Raia was determined to win at any cost….and I hope you all know that I am kidding about the assigned drivers!!! (We love you, Raia). In any case, now that I know what it takes to win the contest, I may enter my own version of Bloody Mary chili or Hot Damn/ cinnamon stick/pumpkin spice cake in next year’s contest!
The bylaws revision was voted on immediately after the chili supper and passed 43-5. Thanks to all who attended this special meeting. I would also like to thank Carol Kupovits for her 14 years of service as secretary of the SMLA. Carol served under six presidents…quite an accomplishment. She dutifully recorded everything going on in the room so we were always real careful whenever she had pen in hand. Her brother-in-law, Tom Kupovits, is joining the board as Carol’s replacement and he will have a tape recorder, so we’re really going to have to watch it!!! Seriously, the Association continues on because of our caring members and their dedication to the people and lake that we all love.
F.Y.I next year’s Board of Directors are;
Cherie Hogan, President
Cliff Sorrell, Vice-President
Tom Kupovits, Secretary
Kathy Batka, Treasurer
Board Members;
Jeff Rogers
Paula Stephanic
Craig Schmidt
Joy Hettig
We also have several committees so if you would like to get involved please let any one of us know. Also, Sally Diecks, is our Membership Chairperson and is our website correspondent (thanks, Sally) and you can always shoot her an email.
Until next time,

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