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This information was provided by resident Craig Schmidt:

You’ll see upon reviewing the information that Six Mile lake has a high diversity and density of plant growth, native and non-native.  You’ll see that we found three distinct types of milfoil growing in the lake including Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM), Variable leaf milfoil (VLM) and Northern milfoil. 

It is very important that your group start working together to control the EWM and VLM.  In many areas, the milfoil was choking out the lake, growing at the surface all the way across.  Based on the level of infestation on Six Mile Lake, it is recommended to use chemical herbicides to control the infestation of the milfoil.  Options are available as stated in the recommendation summary. 

Currently, herbicides offer the most reliable and cost effective means of controlling infestations of milfoil.  PLM can assist you and your group in determining the best course of action for your lake and your property owners.

BreAnne Grabill, Environmental Scientist
Northern Division Manager
PLM Lake & Land Management Corp.
PO Box 424, Evart, MI  49631
800-382-4434 ext. 2200


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PLM Six Mile Lake Survey June 2012

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