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Pine Hill Nursery Workshop

Do you love the clear, clean water in front of your home? Do you enjoy swimming and boating on the water? Do you want to keep the water clean for your kids and grandkids? Of course, you do and that’s why you’ve made a major investment in waterfront property.

BUT, did you know that 50% of the pollution in our lakes comes from things we do in our yards and gardens? How you care for your yard and yard waste, as well as household activities, makes a difference in the quality of the water in the lake.

Pine Hill Nursery is pleased to invite you to a special series called Lakescape Lunch and Learn to help you find ways you can protect the water you love. Call 231/599-2824 to sign up. Join us for lunch at our Garden Café at 12:30. The workshop after lunch is free.

Monday July 16 Introduction to Lakescaping
If you are a new to a lakefront property or to the idea of lakescaping, this class is for you. You will take home a list of best practices to keep our water clean and clear.

Monday July 23 Evaluating your Shoreline
If you want to know how your landscaping affects the lake, this class is for you. You will evaluate your shoreline and identify ways to prevent pollution from your property.

Monday July 30 Greenbelt Gardens
Greenbelt buffers are the #1 tool for protecting water quality. You will design a greenbelt garden for your shoreline.

Monday August 6 Native Plants & Lakescaping
Native plants are beautiful, long lasting and low maintenance, so you have more time to play at the lake. You will take home a list of native plants best suited to your shoreline, whether it is grassy, rocky or sandy.

Monday August 13 Rain Gardens
Rain gardens are the #1 tool for reducing runoff from your property. Runoff carries 70% of the pollution into our lakes. You will design a rain garden that fits into your lakescape.

Pine Hill Nursery & Landscaping is a local, independent, family-owned business serving northwest Michigan. Owned and operated by Ralph & Sandy Naples for more than 30 years, Pine Hill is committed to helping you protect water quality in the Chain of Lakes Watershed.

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