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October 2019 Note From President

October 14, 2019

To Members and Friends of the Six-mile lake Association,

It is the time of year when leaves are turning and falling and many of us are leaving from warmer and less snowy environs. I would encourage you to monitor our website and to be attentive to emails from us. This will keep you up to date on happenings relative to the water issue and other issues concerning the lake. It will also alert you to potential hazards to your property such as significant general snow accumulation with advice to have someone check your property.

At our meeting on September 9, 2019 the following members were elected to two-year terms on the board of the association, Linda Van Andel, Steve Bell, Greg Valero. Following the meeting many of us attended the dedication of the Nathan Beem Memorial Preserve at the home of his parents on Six Mile Lake road. This memorial preserves over twelve hundred front feet on the on the lake and significant number of acres in a preserve never to be developed. The property is now owned by the Little Traverse Land Conservancy. Your association by a vote of the general membership donated $5000. to assist in making this happen. Many additional amounts were donated personally by members of our association.

The issue relative to water levels keeps moving forward, the Antrim County Commissioners approved the match for the hydrology study proposed by the Corp of Engineers. Now the ball is in the Corps court, I understand it is in the budget but until we get notice of final approval, I will only say it is in process. I want to thank all those folks who were at the Antrim County Commission meeting when the match was up for a vote, without your visible support and the visible support of others along the Chain of Lakes I am not sure they would have appropriated the funds for the match. This is an example of what the Association can do if we show numbers, filling the room gets their attention.

For the Board I wish you all happy holidays and great winter season,


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