October 2017 – President’s Corner – (Flooding)

Hello Everyone,

I have been out of town for a couple of days and when I came home I was shocked to see how high Six Mile Lake is. We have a rain gauge and it was overflowing. Guessing, I would say we have had at least six inches of rain and we are flooding.

I wanted to get this out to everyone so that you can call your neighbors and have your shoreline checked to make sure that anything left there is not floating away. We already had pieces of our dock sections floating and it will take several days for the water to recede.



These are pictures of my frontage…at least 20 feet of my yard is underwater and my neighbor’s yard is under at least 30 feet.

I’ll keep you posted.

Cherie Hogan

+++++++Attention:: a raft with blue barrels under it has floated to the east side of the lake, it is in front

of Mr. Beebe’s house.  If you don’t know him it is just before the curve on Miles [email protected] Leisure lane, yellow house with pole barn by the road. If you don’t get it tied up for the winter it will be down the river. I think it belongs to one of the homes on Swallow Lane. Good luck.

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