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Notes From The South Arm Twp Board Meeting – December 12, 2012

Mr. Bob Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Eight Six Mile Lake Property Owners were in attendance

Mr. David Grimm Assessor presented his information regarding the status of the assessment for Six Mile Lake property owners:

He and two assistant assessors reviewed all signed petitions of which 11 were determined as questionable due to deaths that may have occurred and the legal owners must be verified.

He mentioned that the Township has the ultimate authority to determine whether or not to proceed with the assessment

The Township attorney has advised that the preferred method of assessing property owners is lake frontage and not parcels

Dave Daniels has the petitions in question and he and committee members will correct/verify and resubmit to David Grimm when completed

Bob Christensen stated that each township must hold 3 public meeting and that each township will have separate meetings.  That means there will be 6 public hearing if the process is to proceed.

Another person stated that it is a state law that each township must hold separate public hearings

Gary Batka inquired if the assessment could be implemented in time to make the summer tax mailing and the reply was it may not.

The Township stated they will have the authority to pick a Lake Management Company not Six Mile Lake Association.  The Lake Management Company will take direction from the Township.

Bob Christensen suggested that both township supervisors and their attorney meet with a Six Mile Lake Association representative and our designated attorney to work out differences in the assessment method and other issues.

Ken Shaner will contact a riparian attorney Cliff Bloome who was recommended by Bill White Elk Rapids Township Supervisor to represent Six Mile Lake in the legal discussion with the two township supervisors and attorney.

– Ken Shaner

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