Mute Swan Petition & Bird Update – Guest Post

This is a guest post from Karen Stamper.

Hi Everyone,

I am writing in hopes that each one of you will help me get some MICHIGAN ONLY signatures for a petition that I hope will make the Governor take notice of the MUTE SWAN SLAUGHTER here in Michigan. If you do not live in Michigan, but know people in Michigan, please forward this e-mail to them.  I hope to take the petitions directly to Governor Whitmer’s office and welcome anyone who would like to go with me. I have attached two different types. One has a cover picture and cover letter with background information. I tried to make it as brief as possible, but it was very hard.It has 15 signature spots on the sheet. I hope that you can print off a bunch of pages and get as many signatures as you can, They should be printed on legal paper, because it was too hard to get it to fit legibly on regular 8 1/2 x 11. If you can share them with others that may be able to get some signatures too, that would be great. I can meet you somewhere to pick them up when they are completed, or if you want to mail them to me, that would be great too. I want to make it as easy as possible for you. If you can’t print  legal copies, let me know and I will get some to you.

The other petition type has a cover picture and just a sheet with  the background information and a place to sign at the bottom. Originally, I was thinking people could print, sign, scan , and e-mail back, but someone told me that the signatures can’t be scanned. They have to be originals. So whatever petition people are more comfortable with is fine. The multiple signature page would probably be the best though. If you don’t want to try and get 15 signatures and just want to sign, then use the second petition type.

Please let me know your thoughts, concerns, or questions. Thanks

I emailed Brian May (from the rock group Queen) the other day. I had read that he was a huge animal lover and activist. He has an e-mail he uses for wildlife issues. I thought what the heck, I would give it a shot and ask him to help stop the swan slaughters. We will see how that goes.

If you have not heard, the Michigan Senate and House both have Bills that will place the Sandhill Crane and Wolf on the game list. These are a couple links from the Audubon  requesting help. Please contact your REPS and ask them to vote no on these bills.

Detroit Audubon

April 24 at 9:23 PM ·

Sandhill Cranes and Gray Wolves lost today– the Natural Resources Committee passed both resolutions and sent them on to the full State Senate. Now would be the time to CALL you State Senator to let them know how you feel. To find out who is you State Senator point your browser to the url below, type in your zipcode, and it will tell who your State Senator is and provide a link to their website where you can find contact info.

Here’s that url: Find Your Senator

I put a few pieces of sod down in the yard for the birds and they love it. I would like to get more but am a little short on funds. My tax refund is dwindling(:

I have been paying $2.50 per piece at CASH Sod Farm. If anyone can help me out with this, or offer suggestions, please let me know. I did plant some grass seed and it’s growing, just not fast enough.

I am also looking for old screen doors preferably with no rips or tears in them, and screen material. We are building a pen for Sally, the blind swan and her mate, Nick. They want to make a nest (don’t worry, there will be no babies), and they can’t use the shelter this year. My friend was able to collect a bunch, but I am short about 7 doors.

I can always use help with the following items as well:


Layer pellet

Maher Feed Milford

Wonder Dust

latex or rubber gloves

Vet Wrap

Paper Towels

Dish Soap


Leaf Bags

Kiddie Pools

Medication and Vet Bills (current medication is $150)

If you would like to make a monetary contribution:


Karen Stamper

4796 Half Penny Ct

Commerce Twp Mi 48382


Thank You for your support and let’s get a ton of signatures and get these killings stopped.

Take Care


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