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The milfiol committee just went to a Fresh Water Conference in Traverse City on Oct. 30 part of it was on the milfoil problem.  We received more information to research and have contacted another lake management company that had some ideas for us. Many lakes in Michigan are having this problem and we have heard stories of success with the weevils and using chemicals.

If we use the weevils please be assured that they will not get on  you ,your animals, or infest your lawn.  They do not bite or bother you in any way.  We also learned that if we use chemicals we have to get a signature from every property owner on the lake.  At this time that seems like a impossible task.  We are not leaning toward chemicals.

The company we have been talking with about the weevils has offered us a very nice incentive to make a decision by the end of the year by offering if we submit a signed contract and deposit they will match the amount of the deposit with the equivalent number of extra weevils.  If we make a deposit of 20% they supply an extra 20% weevils, 100% deposit 100% weevils.  With our SMALL budget it is a wonderful option.

We will keep you abreast of more things we find out.  PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IN MAKING YOUR CONTRIBUTION.  We can only make a commitment for the moneys we have and what a great opportunity to double your $$$$. 

Please feel free to contact us with ideas or concerns on this project as at times it seems like a overwelming task.   To those of you that have made contributions we thank you very much. We are working at this all the time.  Please remember that this is YOUR LAKE YOUR PROBLEM.  We have a long way to go at getting even 50% of the property owners making contributions.

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