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Final Meeting Before Public Hearings

At the request of Township supervisors while I am out of town, Cherie Hogan, Vice President, will represent Six Mile Lake Association and “petitioners” during a special meeting that will be held between Echo and South Arm Township Supervisors, Mr. Bill Derenzy and Mr. Bob Christiansen, and their attorney, Mr. Bryan Graham, our attorney, Mr. Clifford Bloom, and either PLM representative, Bre Grabill or Jason Broekstra.

This meeting is set to discuss and obtain agreement to proceed with the by parcel cost assessment method for Lake Management and herbicide treatment of the Eurasian Water Milfoil in Six Mile Lake. I will also be available for phone conversations during any of the discussions if required.

This will be our last and final official meeting with the Townships prior to the public hearings, if the agreement is obtained.

Final results will be published when they become available.

Ken Shaner


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