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Meeting Information for 2020

September 1, 2020

Members of the Six Mile Lake Association,
This summer has been different than most of us have ever experienced. At the beginning of summer, the Board was hopeful we could have meeting starting with the picnic in August. The continuing executive orders from the Governor’s office relative to large meetings made such meetings impossible in the beginning of summer, then with continuing orders limiting meeting size and given the fact that many in our membership are in vulnerable groups we thought it best to cancel all meetings through September. The church also has placed limitations on the size of any meeting to protect themselves. Is it possible we might have an October meeting; I really do not know? It depends on what happens over the next few weeks. Right now, that seems unlikely. We know the importance of the meetings for many but given the situation we must comply with the orders and protect the association legally.

We have been monitoring the water issue, the water in our lake is high and those of you have been around for a long time know lake levels rise and fall. Unfortunately, our lake also is controlled by dam and the operation of that dam allowed an accumulation of water over the years as precipitation increased. Currently the Corp of Engineers is doing a hydrology study on the whole of the Chain of Lakes. Our hope is that out of this we will arrive at solutions which may include dam operating protocols that will as much as possible maintain stable lake levels and to identify restriction points which are impeding the free flow of water down through the chain. There are no overnight fixes for this problem.

Sorry that we have not been able to meet, Jeff

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