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Meet A Local Bluebird Expert

Cherie Hogan wrote:

For all of you who have installed bluebird boxes on your property and have not seen a bluebird, our local bluebird expert, Tom Comfort, will be at my house this Sunday, January 29 at 1 pm to view my bluebird boxes and tell me what I am doing wrong or right and anyone is welcome to come.

He is willing to look at anyone else’s boxes as well in order to help us get going with this project. Much has changed since the presentation a couple of years ago on bluebirds and he will be updating us on this. Even if you don’t have bluebirds or boxes but would like to join in this project please be at my house at 1pm this Sunday.

If you can’t make it I will follow up with the new information on this website.

Thanks, Cherie

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